Sponsors FAQs

Have a question or concern? Please read our frequently asked questions and answers below.

Who should I send to represent us?  

Past sponsors have been most effective when they have sent representatives that have a voice in defining the product roadmap, have been involved in customers implementations for other media brands (professional services/consulting), along with sales and marketing representatives.

How many representatives should we send?

It’s really up to you, based on your level of sponsorship – you may need more/ fewer people. As a general guideline, a Platinum Sponsors might consider sending: Product Leadership, Marketing Leadership, Account Management, and a Sales Engineering. A Bronze sponsor might consider sending a smaller team made up of sales and marketing representatives. We do not limit the number of people you can send – but we do request you let us know how many are attending so we can plan for food, social events, etc.

What are the scheduled activities and what can I expect our participation to be?

We encourage you and your teams to participate in as many activities as possible! We are hosting a Black Jack Tournament, a Ping Pong Tournament (singles & doubles), as well as, hosting two major social events (Opening Night Celebration + Wrap Party). These are opportunities for us all to get to know one another in a less-structured setting. Our sponsors have received their best value by participating in as many events as possible in the past. Please see the full event schedule for a complete list of events.

What guidelines do you have for executive meeting requests?

Executive meetings have been most effective for past sponsors when they leveraged their product roadmaps (18 months – 3 years). Essentially, it could be an opportunity for your team to get a pulse on whether or not the needs of your enterprise customers and media organizations align with where you are investing your R&D budget. These meetings often yield discussions around specific challenges Cox Media Group is working on and offers our partners an opportunity to identify how their products/consulting services could help.

What is the arrival/check-in process (223, t-shirt pickup, setup etc.)?

You will be assigned a Sponsor Representative during the Hackathon. This person will be your go-to person for any help you need and can help ensure you receive everything you were hoping for out of the event! We will be available to you before, during, and after the event. Kineya Hood will let you know who your sponsor representative is. Kineya’s contact information is: kineya.hood@coxinc.com | phone: 678-645-4006 | mobile: 470-312-8317

Who is the audience for our table setups/presentations?

Sponsor tables will serve as your home base, and traffic to the tables will mostly be from CMGt team members that sit on the 2nd floor of 223. This includes Developers, Business Analysts, QA, User Experience Designers, Data Engineers, Cloud Center of Excellence, Architects, Product Owners, and Digital Customer Service team members. We recommend offering information geared to developers (where to find developer communities that are familiar with your products, any available developer documentation, etc.) for this audience. Additionally, CMGt budget owners and internal stakeholders will be onsite to attend presentations and will likely stop-by. We recommend offering information related to your product roadmap (18 months+) for this audience.

What collateral should they bring for table setups/presentation?

Since the event sponsors are all established partners, we recommend collateral that is geared toward increasing product adoption – rather than new sales. Any information related to learning more about how to leverage your products and services to increase end-user engagement with our news content would be well-received from product owners/business team representatives. From a technology team perspective, information geared towards learning about integration/implementation best-practices, as well as, resources to guide our developers and Digital Customer Support team members to online resources like developer forums and available SDK, API, or similar documentation would be most helpful. 

What days/times are available for executive meetings?

We have asked our leadership team to keep themselves available and be onsite/available as much as possible on 9/25 & 9/27 to help facilitate on-site and organic conversations with our sponsors. If you would like to schedule something more structured, please start by emailing Kineya.Hood@coxinc.com and we will work to find a time while you are on-site. If stakeholder scheduled get overbooked on 9/25 & 9/27 we will make sure to find another time after the event, based on your team and the identified CMGt stakeholder’s schedules.

Where should we stay? What is the event address? Where should I park? Who do I contact when I get there?

Le Méridien Atlanta Perimeter (111 Perimeter Center W, Atlanta, GA 30346) is conveniently located and has a shuttle-bus service to/from our building. Our address is 223 Perimeter Center Pkwy NE, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30346. Our building is across the street from the Atlanta train station (MARTA) Dunwoody Transit Station, this is a great option for travel to/from the airport. If you rent a car, you will access our building’s guest parking lot from the 219 Perimeter Center Parkway entrance (not 223). Upon arrival, you will enter the building through the visitor entrance and check-in with Security. If you have any problems, please contact Kineya Hood at (470) 312-8317 / Kineya.Hood@coxinc.com or Lorne Cameron at (404)769-8399 / Lorne.Cameron@coxinc.com .