If you’re interested in having some fun during Hackathon and joining us for some team building and an opportunity to win prizes and glory, please sign up below for the Hackathon 2018 ping pong tournament!
Hackathon 2018 – Ping Pong sign-up sheet: Sign Up Here!
You must sign up by Monday(9/24) 5 pm latest.
Schedule for singles and doubles
9/25 – On Tuesday at 9 am through 6 pm, all matches will be played until we have the final 4 contestants.
9/26 – On Wednesday, the final 4 contestants will play for the crown:
  • Doubles – 3:00 pm until 3:45 pm
  • Division B (Brand new and Mid-level players) –  3:45 pm until 4:30 pm
  • Division A (Top players) – 4:30 pm until 5:15 pm
  • You’ll want to refer to the ‘Time will play’ column on the sign-up sheet above to find out when you’ll play.  Once it is your time to play, please report to the ping pong area (mailbox area by the windows on the 2nd floor of 223 perimeter center parkway.  You’ll see the ping pong table here behind the Shared Services team).  If you are unable to make it at this time, please contact Tonia Collins at for rescheduling.  If you don’t show up on time, we’ll make an attempt to reach out to you.

Last Year’s Hackathon 2017 ping pong results

Amongst others, these are the people you’ll want to keep on your radar:


Defending Champ: Karan

Runner Up: Rob


Defending Champ: Rob and Pilar

Runner-Up: Karan and Tamara

Tournament Rules

Division A/B placement will be determined automatically by your seeding/skill level.

Division A (Top players)

1st to win 2 games until finals

1st to win 3 games for finals

Division B (Brand new and Mid-level players)

1st to win 2 games until finals

1st to win 3 games for finals


To give other teams a shot at the title, the defending champ team will remain intact: Rob and Pilar

The rest of the teams will be decided by random selection with less experienced players pairing with more experienced players to balance out the teams.  So please make sure to sign up here because every team has a chance to win!

Your bracket doubles partner and division will be posted to the following URLs by 8 pm on Monday 9/17.

Brackets – Division A – Division B – Doubles

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, we look forward to having you participate.  Good luck!