Tournament will be played in a bracketed format, with winners from individual rounds advancing to subsequent tables until a single winner is declared
Equipment (per table):
  • Table, with room for 6 players plus dealer
  • 6 decks of playing cards (available from Sams or Costco, approx. $15)
  • Ideally – a blackjack dealing shoe (price TBD, available online)
  • Something to track the winning players scores (whiteboard)
  • Enough chips to cover payouts per table (chips are re-used/distributed each round).
  • At least one person to help with shuffling, if time is of the essence
  1. Each round will consist of 6 players at a time playing against the dealer
  2. Seats at the table are randomly assigned, which varies the order of players (meaning, you don’t get to select where at the table you sit)
  3. Standard casino blackjack rules will be in play (doubles, splitting, doubling after splitting allowed. Blackjack payouts on split aces are 1:1. Dealer stands on all 17s and higher). There will be no Insurance bets, no surrender.
  4. Wins are paid out 1:1.  Blackjack wins are paid out 2:1.
  5. Every player will start with the same amount of chips (TBD, but could be as simple as 10 or 15 chips to start).  Worst case and we run out of chips for the house? We switch to post-it-note IOU’s.
  6. Each round is a total of 7 hands.  Whoever has the most chips/money at the end of 7 hands wins the table and advances to the next round.  Depending on the number of participants, we may say “top two” or “top three” people at the table advance… this is a gameday decision.
  7. Dealing for each hand will rotate around the table, allowing every player an opportunity to play first. (Yes, the first player at the table will get to play first twice, due to the 7 hands thing)
  8. All bets must be set before cards are dealt.